I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Saturday, 16 January 2016

Bread and Circuses, by Stevie Sodden Haston.

Apples and pears 6a+ , Spiders from Mars 7b.

Off to work a bit on mainland Europe, the cold I do not look forward to, but the beer yes, I do.

 The greyest it gets!

It is raining today, so a few pull ups, and packing a bag, early boat, planes trains and automobiles. No rock for a few weeks.


The bad weather swooped in like a dark hooded bird, luckily we are so far south in meant nothing really, and even today you could go climbing in one of the big caves. 

a sky like this in the north would mean snow!

Here's a few photos to keep you going, and me too I guess.

Matterhorn Boulder and a good 6a+ up the front face 30 meters.

Off to work with the wizards at the Out Door show, look at gear and be part of a global industry and meet friends from around the world. I will undoubtedly get jealous about the powder they have shredded, the mountains they have plodded up, the routes they have crushed, and the magic countries and people they have visited.