I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Monday, 17 September 2018

Mick Fowler and Jelly fish by Stevie Haston.

Just got Mick Fowlers book -good read! Review "laters" as we Londoners say!

 Seems a while since I climbed well-pissing me off-but hey life is shit, and then you die!

This is a shout out for my mate who runs Scuba Kings Gozo diving, thanks for your help, thanks for your music. If anybody wants to dive on Gozo, give Scuba Kings a try.

Christina and Mandy down there in the Perfect Calm!

 These don't look like much, and jelly fish stings don't usually bother me except feeling like a good burn, or branding. This one left me floating in the water for a while a bit scared-dont know what kind of Jelly it was, it may have been two, the top one felt different from the bottom one, I had another on my arm but it was nothing compared to the lower one, I think it affected my breathing because the sting was just under my ribs when my belly was all pushed up by pressure.

Fried Egg Jellies, mainly for my daughter Katie, but really these are nice guys!

Moon demons!

Mick's book is great! I always liked Mick despite him being a Taxman! He mentions Victor Saunders, or Slippery as Mick named him, I have climbed with both of them, brilliant guys, they shine in so many ways. A ton of people were mentioned in this book that I knew and like, too many to mention. Best chapter for me is the one on Victor when he first meets him, and thinks him a twit. I thought the same, shows you both Mick and I were wrong Victor, is solid in the mountains. Not all life is in the mountains however, this is possibly were some of us get things wrong!