I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Tipping Points, by Stevie Tipsy Haston>

So, you know that the world will, and is not conforming to CO2 control, you know that life is on a slow but accelerating slide to overpopulation, incineration and very, very, bad things. What should you do? Have faith in politicians, or take your small savings out of the bank, and just go climbing. Thats a no brainer. If you have to ask your self you are an ostrich, except your head is not in the sand.

Not the Three Legged Man!

This is me feeling happy, swimming diving and a bit of bouldering, Egypt.

Denise and I, clever feet, ankles, knees, hips, torso, shoulders, we are a chain of movement that results in cool movement called climbing if we are lucky, or we are a catastrophe.

 A great cliff with 6a to 8b+, getting washed

 a little light abseiling....

 Where darkness and light meet, the border between dreams and normal, the happy place, move or plummet..

A beginners sea cliff getting sorted..

Aunt Rosa just died, she is free from pain at least.

Friday, 22 March 2019

Friends, enemies, combatants, clowns, by Stevie serious Haston

When you do word association you sometimes can get some real nice combos, like Politicians and garbage, or Rock and happy place! Sometimes my happy place is with people, I have various people I like to climb with, more than I used to for sure.

Denis looking good, he is a very cool headed Tech Diver ...

I have changed the colour of the balls, face is still puce and perhaps more florid.

 Didi in Alaska a few years ago, sad to think there will be some mountains with out their snow soon due to Global warming and greed.

Doesn't the Isle of Man have a three legged Man as its symbol? This leg is now the belay of the obviously named Three Legged Man. Gozo joke.

A young doctor from Cambridge going airborne..

Some of you don't like me using the S word, but hey people, and institutions are, or can be stupid. Here is an example of Stupid. Gozo replaced a safty rail, and it lasted a few weeks, I saw a guy nearly die. Money wasted, plastic, chemical foam, building rubbish thrown into the gorge, all STUPID.

 Two young guys, first abseils, first outdoor climbing = big success.

zee new cat, adopted, it was dying, covered in
 excrement, just a bag of bones, it is now master of the house!

Friday, 8 March 2019

Hello is it me your looking for? By Stevie Haston.

My computer has blown up, if you need to employ me try again. I offer many services to do with rock climbing. Anyway while my computer blew up, and I moved house I somehow managed to do 23 new routes! I need a bit of help with buying bolts, and glue, and keeping my own gear up to date. Please donate on my donation button at the top of the page if you are in a position to do so. Thanks to Rob from Bavaria for helping me clean and do some of the routes-let the good times roll.

 Lovely rock, easy routes for the most part although there is an 8b in the arch for the strong and clever of foot.

Indian Rope trick doesnt always work or is that a racist phrase now?

More lovely rock.....

So much rock so little time! My shoulder gets a little better by the week but progress towards old fitness seems a light year away,perhaps I will be happy with half fitness for once. I prepared a few really nice muscular routes near my new house to inspire me to get back on the Monkey Grindstone-lets see what the summer will bring.