I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Monday, 9 December 2019

Climbing versus Crooked Politicians, by Stevie Haston

The weather is perfect, the sea has been benevolent and warm, the rocks also. But instead of deliriously happy, I am more than half sad, and half angry, that's more than my cup can bear! The greed of politicians is allowing 700 million eu a year to be lost to corruption, a little bit of that would help kids enjoy sport in the sea, or on the rocks-call me a simple old fool, but corruption doesn't normally benefit kids unless they belong to crooks, or politicians.

Denis my friend is nearly alway happy, here he is coming down from his first 7a, he is even starting yoga a seemingly small thing, which has thrilled me. When ever some one starts yoga, the sky smiles little.

Malta is famous for brilliant scuba diving, brilliant climbing, and history that goes back past the Pyramids.  Above are wanted photos of crooks, murderers, rich guys, and politicians in no particular order.

Daphne was a journalist who was murdered by a conspiracy based on getting rich
A big demonstration fo the smallest EU country.

These bank notes were thrown around the sitting house of Parliament, the governments reaction was to shut parliament, start the Xmass holidays early- such are the tools of democracy
Denise threading the cheap belay chains we have here because we are self funded on Gozo while the money disappears.

It seems I am apologising for my continuing paucity of training advice but seriously we are drowning in corruption on our little islands. I promise to get back on the right track, but at the moment the right track is a bit of politics and attending a demonstration (above) to surport my fellow climbers and their nations battle against thieves.

As a tit bit of training info for you, my typical day might be morning yoga and Pranayama 30 mins to 2 hours then maybe a swim a dive or climbing. Lots of internet which I hate and find damaging, lots of mails  and text messages, which I don't much like. Best thing last week was a classic day for me, yoga from before sunrise, sea side communication with nature, free diving, then a new route, a beautiful new route that one day people will enjoy and love. Yoga is dance some times, but if you dance above the green sea, and under the blue sky, you can find a level of peace that should be humans norm.