I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Yoga, Yuji, winning, soft voice. Stevie gruff Haston 

Yuji Hiriyama is one of the greatest climbers that our sport has produced, He does a bit of Yoga and is now a very successful man in Tokyo. I dont want to used him to promote any of my ideas or anything, so I'll just say he is a climber I have always admired and.....SEE MORE...

Why Yoga works for climbing, by Stevie Haston

Yoga works for me but it won't necessarily work for you. Why is this? Because you won't let it!
Yoga isn't competitive streching, neither is it just wearing a turban, likewise it isn't showing an over stretched bit of earth colored....SEE MORE...

Yoga climbing, by Stevie novice Haston.

 The Yoga breathing is working for the climbing, but its not working so well for my swimming, phooee! The problem with my climbing now is that I am relatively weak. The Yoga has worked because it has maximised my potential at this level of strength, but I cant do any better. In fact I think I am really lucky to have squeezed out my last few ascents. So in truth it’s back to some basic training because I lack the ability to do a long sustained sequence, or a hard powerful pull, or two...SEE MORE