I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Saturday, 30 November 2019

Pull ups and Politicians, by Stevie pull up Haston.

I have to give my readers an apology, I am very sorry I haven't been blogging well, my excuse is that my country for the last few years has been going through a shit storm of corruption. Doesn't sound like much, that probably sounds normal to you if you live in Britain, or America, right? Or India, or jesu Cristo and all the Indian gods, many many countries are up shit creek with out a paddle and with a gaping hole in the bottom of the boat! You are thinking yes we know Stevie, some of you do know but your not that engaged or turning a blind eye to it all because for one thing you are exhausted! Don't be, courage, take a rest and do something positive, get on the case> If you are in Britain vote Labour, I don't want to be political (but obviously everything is politics), climbing is about enjoying your life and potential, Labour at its best will help you, its got a good manifesto about Climate change and the environment. Think of doing something for Extinction Rebellion. Engage and help  in our dying planet.

 Are these members of the Maltese Cabinet? No they are far nicer!

 I climb therefore I'am.

 Sorting a dump of litter at the most popular cliff in the Maltese island, hunters were threatening people there on a regular basis this year, what is being done nothing.

Happy Xmass, not that I am a Christian you understand, I am just trying to be nice, happy winter solstice is better I suppose, anyway I want for Xmass now that my Prime Minister has been forced to resign, I want the time to train and climb and swim and enjoy my poxy life please!

Part of my personal philosophy is to wake up in the morning and do my yoga, then my breathing exercise, then I thank the universe for the good things in my life, then through the day I try to be nice. This last bit is a real ball breaker! How can you be nice to horrible people, well nobody said it would be easy grasshopper get going, go climbing. Now that the Prime Minister is gone the fight is not over, but it is certainly a better chance to clean this dump of litter off our country.
On a personal note I hope to climb well again, I miss it, I want to help more people get more from their climbing swimming and Freediving.