I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

A Week of being Weak, by Stevie feeble Haston.

 A four pitch route waiting, cracks, cracks.

Just a short blog to say its more than warm here, and although I am looking forward to work, money, and seeing lots of people at the Winter Out Door show, I think I'll freeze.

 Mysterious Mistra Rocks, or Sopu Tower area.

Did some cleaning a path, and work in the area behind Sopu, it's Far, Far, Away for a tiny island. The arboreal rats are very friendly, and a little bit cute, although their teeth look sharp. I was soloing a route, and one scampered out of the crack, and looked at me a bit angry, then he just messed about showing off, climbing around.

 Bernd and the Cowboy big J.

Time goes by, there's been a lot of visitors over the winter holiday period. 
No big news though. I need a big training block of 6 or more weeks. One day you wake up dead as some one famously said! With the passing of Bowie and Lemmy, it seems like an era has passed, and we will slowly sink into the sand of seriously banal. The Cameron Lattitudes, the G4S, the doldrums of social uncaring.

 Titanium and a very nice Rams Horn lower off. Donation button up on right if you have some spare money.

"What is life for?". "Don't know", is the answer. Without sunsets, and the sea I would have more trouble for sure with this hum drum life.

 A common, or garden Gozo sunset.

The Island continues to be beau, but news that we will have a huge Complex Hospital thrust apon us is worrying. The idea is, the rich will come here to get operated on instead of back home in whatever place their National Health service is getting destroyed! 

 the sunrises are more ordinary generally.

My island needs small jobs for ordinary people, not surgeons from where ever! One of the departments in the hospital will be to make artificial limbs for victims of War. We are apparently conveniantly situated to the permanent Middle East money making massacre! 

Vegan Pie.

No vegans were hurt, or injured in the making of this pie! Good climbing to you. And thanks to Didi for trimming the thorns on the Mistra rock Sopu Tower area.