I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Friday, 10 May 2019

Training for ever, Stevie Haston.

If you have had the privilege of an interesting and wide life , you might have seen some of the wonders of the world. Some people think I am one of the lucky ones, but I beg to differ, and I will explain. Please have patience with me.

 I used to see Dolphins nearly every time I went to Comino (a little island near mine) but that was over 50 years ago! I n my life time, around 60% of animals have disappeared! From my perspective I am not lucky, the demise of all that diversity and joy of life is gone, most probably never to return.

Life is a thin cord easily damaged but we are actively hacking at it with a machete. Why is our greed killing us?

These are Tuna bones, Tuna can be huge, I have seen a few big ones swimming lately because there has been a ban on fishing them and they are recovering a little, maybe that's only here. But there is evidence they are poached, because of course humans are like that.

I love cliffs and climbing please liberated cliffs, they are one of the few places constricted humans can have some joy. There are many restrictions on climbers and walkers and nature lovers, ranging from mad hunters to people wanting to protect things. Protection is wonderful but come on, we can't even get into the country in some places, because of Grouse hunters in the UK for example, or some other crazy idea like there is no right to roam.

We need to climb over some fences, to get to what we need in life. This particular fence is made of plastic, it lasted a week before the sea broke it! Humans arnt very clever, we are using our planet like a toilet, and flushing it back into the sink.

The cat, is a hunter, my new cat will have a collar with some colour on it to give the birds an extra chance of escaping, birds  are dying here, loss of habitat, and yes CATS.

 May you all have cool sunsets, but be careful they arnt because of pollution like in some places. 

Train hard for climbing, train hard for life, please train your kids to take control of these crazy run away governments.

Climbing is ace, but if we live like mice in a treadmill and climb our lives away on plastic in dusty rooms arnt we missing out?

The march of feet, the march of time, the march of over population. Please stop having children, please do some thing about climate change, please please train yourself into opposing the powers that be in this insane march towards death of this wonderful world.