I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Tuesday, 9 October 2018

People of the Book by Stevie have faith Haston.

This is a review of the White Cliff, read it and fucking weep, read it and laugh, read and feel your fingers digging into the cover. Just read it!
What Martin Farr did for Cave Diving with the Darkness Beckons, Grant Farquhar does for one cliff in a forgotton part of Brexit UK. Mind you it is perhaps the best cliff in the world! 

 This is not Gogarth but the Underworld, Christina coming down to pay the Ferryman. You must pay him otherwise he never lets you go. People who climbed on the magic cliff of Gogarth were never let go.

 Mandy landing in the Underworld. There must be so much of me that is actualy Gogarth, I eat the rock, bit the fucking dust and gave it my blood. The cliff came flooding back when I picked up the parcel, thanks Grant. My sweat came back, thanks guys who shared your stories and grip ups! This book on Gogarth is an anthology, and for me it is the best collection of writing that portrays climbers and climbs. Buy it!

 My own Private Idaho, my own private Gogarth.

 The magic munchkin Dawes on his and Graigs fab route, Onan the strong fingered.

 I thought this a bit silly and overdone, but then I read my own bit of writing in it and nearly cried!

As I said before ....unfinished routes there for me...

 Desroy, one of the actors,  more characters than in a hundred picaresque novels.

Two old mates , this book is full of old mates, some dead,  "brown bread". There are un wholesome tales, there are sweet tales..

Rouse, his magic, his vision, the crowd who loved this cliff and forever will know what its like to nimbly step from fluffy cloud  to frothy wave....his oppo Minks, solid madman tethered together on Positron prisoners of their own ambition and love for life. 
Wow what a book The White Cliff.

Sunday, 7 October 2018

Climbing opposes boredom and disgust with todays corruption. By Stevie Haston.

Its about this time of year I get my dancing shoes on and start trying. Maybe I should join the Stone Spear group of climbers who demonstrate against bad things. Theres always been a bunch of climbers somewhere who weren't so lazy that they would just sit there and do nuffing while shit hits the fan. I am too old and ineffective to do much . If you are reading this and your young and bold think about doing something, dont break the law but do something. Even climb something and use it as a protest. Hell climb Everest put up a banner, except most of the people on it will be voting for the Republican Party or the Conservatives.

 Dancing shoes - hey my sponsors send me some new dancing shoes! Please.

 Ears are for listening with, good advice, people pay me for advice and work all the time whats happened to other sectors?

 Cracks anyone? A couple of these have been done, but not all.
Its also the extension to a 2 kilometre traverse of mine at this point you have to go up and traverse high. 
 Some of you will know where this is haha, its a thing called the inclines in Llanberis Pass, you run up these inclines, pumping it out and on the the summit of the green hill/mountain above, Old School training.

Bitch tits appearing gotta go on a diet.

 The diet of non champions.

 The abb into the Underworld a guy called Face and I used to escape up this route in trainers at the end of long days, I would lead clipping as little bits as possible with a drill he would follow with a bigger humping load, then we would refresh in the nearest village on fermented grape juice.

A nice little brief moment between days.... hopefully I have a few more days left unlike democracy in some countries, protest!

Monday, 1 October 2018

New diet, new climber, by Stevie new Haston.

New fad diets, new fad training schemes. I'll just add a few bits of rubbish stuff of my own to confuse you, or perhaps I will not. I haven't been political for a while, it was on purpose, it's tiring, and frustrating, but the nasty powers that be  want us all getting tired, and not be political. So under the guise of new diets, I'll just give you some politics. Tricked you, please don't turn off. I know that rich people arn't political on the their Face Book pages on purpose, it makes them less rich, you will get less work, I took a biggish writer out the other day who said to me "tone it down ".

 You saw this photo before, here it is again, nothing better than some climbing with nice people, we even talked politics that day. Nobody died talking politics.

 Fried Egg Jelly fish are still around, but dying off, so beautiful and sad at the same time, like looking at butterflies for me, temporary like some of the good old classical Greek heros. Our span is so short, why do some of us have to be so horrible, why is America so stupid that it will make its Supreme Court so much worse with a payed for woman hater as one of it controlling elements. A diet of Fried egg jellies, a diet of lies, a diet of Red Bull shit cans on the sea bed, a diet of cigarette ends poisoning the sea horses. Pick your diet.

 My little friend on the edge of the world, no problems here on the edge.

 Entering the Underworld, you must pay the Ferryman, or you don't get out-the price for living in a civilised society is a certain level of morality, so what happened to politicians? Were they hit on the head repeatedly by their working class nannies, what is their excuse, and why don't they go to jail?

"Winter is coming", well it was coming its hot again!

I love climbing and diving because there is, I guess no politics, there is only you and me, or just me, no probs! The real world, the one we hide from, or retreat from is politics, that's all it is, it's politics. At the moment the year is 2018 and America has the largest prison population of any so called civilised nation. Why because they make money out of poor people in cages! The UK is trying to go the same way.

An estimated 97% of the USA 73 million pigs are raised in confined feeding, and breeding pens.The average sow produces 23.5 piglets a year. They die from prolapses. Do you agree with this? I have done some really bad jobs, and been payed really badly, in the process I have earned other people big money. I wouldnt want to be treated like a pig. In the past in America people were treated like sows, it was called slavery, will it come back. Do rich people die in wars? Why is America at war? Why is the UK at war? Why is France at war? Why don't most of the people in these countries know that they are at war killing people? Your new diet should be about understanding your masters and their plan, you will be the new pigs. 

The info about pigs was from the Guardian, it used to be a great paper, but is largely doing the work of the rich elite at the moment. Beware what you read, Greeks with gifts etc climbers masquerading as sages etc.