I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Climbing, caving and diving. By Stevie amphibious Haston.

Do you like many things? Or do you like a few good things, or do you stick to one thing? I Love many things and have managed to love many of them through ups and downs,often literally. Apologies to Doug Scott for misspelling his name 5 or 6 times, I can only put it down to some time at high altitude, and broken brain cells, plus too much time underwater, and soggy brain cells!

 Chalk I am afraid is as different as chalk and cheese, this stuff is the dog's gonads.

If I had a choice today I would be on a sunny high traverse in the Karakorum of Pakistan, but I am just a poor man, though my wishes are often known; my lack of funds allows me time, but not money to squander. Apologies to The Boxer, oh and add training in Thailand under a strict nasty trainer in the jungle to my list of things I wanna do!

Todays dive. Coming out through the little tunnel with little waves in the sand was fairly Nexus 6.

Too much gear? Not enough gear?
Whatever I do, the dog is generally up for it, he sometimes watches the bubbles and swims over, poor thing, shall I get him a mask and a tank?

lovely easy route in the sun!!

Is climbing an easy option, it certainly is when its easy. Today I went diving a route underwater which is a little bit severe for odd little reasons but it was very interesting and worth while. There is a universe of wonderful things and we are so limited by time experience and money. The snow is there early, be careful if you are sliding around in the snow or on boards! If you are under water, remember the first rule of Cave Diving is, "Don't go Cave Diving".