I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Sunday, 30 April 2017

Last exit from New York, by Stevie Trump Haston.

Since everybody is naffed off with politics I won't mention it, not once. Nuclear first strike was a route we did a few weeks ago its 6a+, but is immaculate. Classic it is,  do this you must, at the moment its a bit of a deep water solo, and a bit pokey at that. 

 two routes at the moment a 6a and a 6a+ , both high quality.

Object of today was to try to get in an overhanging chimney with a closed exit. Couldn't knit my way in, it looks easy but as scary as flesh eating zombies in a phone box.

 Solly is here visiting, he is keen.

Need to do these three remaining lines, one will be hard, I reckon 6b, 7b+ and 8b. All intergalactic.

 trying to get in to a steeper bit of cliff.

They will be of that special genera, too scared and impressed with the situation to pull or use your feet properly.

 Pondering the imponderable.

I some how can still look like I am watching a boring cricket match, when looking at one of the most beautiful routes I'ave ever seen.

 Alex checking what up, or down.

Its a bit steeper down there, 45° overhang!

Need to get going, just what I need to get me over the nonsense that is populist politics.