I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Monsanto, politicians, lies and you, by Stevie underground Haston

I have been underground, totally amazed at the underground world, and the hidden things that lie just skin deep.  Behind the cliff I climb at, lies 10 kilometers of passage, huge halls, big formations and even a little lake.

One cliff leads to another. Its very much like, the American governments involvement in Monsanto,    and other extremely unsavory people, and corporations.

This cliff for instance, was hidden even from me for a few years, till I followed a rumor, it doesn't appear in the French guide book, or the recent  UK copy of the french guidebook! Interestingly the Uk copy of the French guide book, obviously reprints errors and miss information!  This cliff has one of the best 8a routes in the world! In-fact I am trying to produce one of the most overhanging routes in the world there!

It's a little bit dark, but its wonderful. It's a huge hidden marvel, but it's not dangerous like Monsanto. Nor is it worrying like Bill Gates owning 500,000 shares in Monsanto, worth 23 million dollars-well actually less because they are losing money now, thanks to some people waking up!

A few years ago Donald Rumsfeld earned 12 million for selling his shares in Aspartame, you may know that Aspartame is associated with damaging your health. You probably don't know that the US government had it banned twice, but pressure from people like Donald Rumsfeld got it back in again.
There is a lot that is hidden, some of it like these formations are very beautiful, some things that are hidden are rotten, like the USA government some how poisoning the rest of the world! Obama is the head of the US of A and is pushing OGM! What else is he pushing and for whom?

This is an hidden agenda, notice Hillary Clinton's name and Donald Rumsfeld in the following list.

Thanks Doc Jon and Matt Perrier for sharing it on FB