I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Gear and stuffs, by Stevie Haston

Two big off-widthing friends arrived from Wild Country, it means I now have the correct rack of gear for a certain crack in America. Thank you Wildcountry, these are light and do the job, I have one already and it's very good. 

While on the subject of gear, I was in Britain and was astounded at the rubbish harness selection they have! Ok  Britain is a country where people don't climb much, and the average grade is 5+, but seriously some of the harnesses are just weird Health & Safety rigs for lumberjacks. Above are a couple of light do the job harnesses that I use. One was given to me by the V12 shop and it is really good, not too bulky thin at the hips for movement and takes a lot of climbing. Thanks Rob and V12.  

My favorite harness is this old Rocca from Spain rig, which weighs in at 180 grams! This harness or garter belt, is just as comfortable as any other, and you don't believe me! Thats because you haven't tried it, and are taken in by baloney, and nutty advertising shmazel! 

I do not guaranty that any of these products are healthy to eat, or Bio friendly, they do work however, I have not been payed to say this, its just a friendly heads up. Sadly I will probably never go to America to try the most beautiful off width  I have ever been on, so if anybody wants to give me a heads up on off widths I can hit near me, that I can get to by hot air balloon, I will be forever thank full. 
Last photo is an orchid of course, trying desperately to attract bees, in a bad year for bees, I did some pollinating with a small paint brush to help, they said thank you.