I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Sunday, 13 May 2018

The Dalliance of eagles, by Stevie sparrow Haston

The Dalliance of Eagles, if you recognised that quote you can buy me a few pints, and recite pleasant word shizzle to me. Anyway had a post birthday dive (scuba tanks) where we played dead on some weeds at -15 and watched hundreds of medium sized Baracuda mess about over us! Very good except I then had to go and do 8 pitches of rock in the sun with dead legs after the nearly hour long dive.

 Yippee eye o, etc.

Some extra photos of yesterday! It was a good day, its always a good day to do a new thing even if I may have done something like that a few thousand times.

 Deep water soloing etc.

I got all excited looking at photos on the web of a cave I had an association with in the late 1980s, Redmire Pot. Its a tight nasty pot with some tight diving in. Its there in the back of my mind, but when I saw some photos I didn't recognise the entry! I recognised the sump or syphone entry. I googled tops and couldn't make much sense of the down stream sumps, in Birkswood cave. Time flys or gets foggy, but I can remember the fear I had in it, and I can remember having to suppress a tear which was forming as I dragged a bottle through a particularly tight slot where I kept on slipping down into the tight bit.

 Deep water soloing. when is it High soloing over nasty pointy rocks 

Caves, climbing, deep powder, a good beer. More please.

 Entry to Titan area. There is a 50 meter abseil in option its better to climb in, possibly!

 Me or Alex (?)

 Moi, equiping on perfect rock

Alex starting the 40 meter last pitch of Titan.

Entering a new time of my life, I feel like a dinosaur. Dinosaurs finally mutated a bit and became birds, I think I will follow suit!