I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Thursday, 1 March 2018

A couple of reviews coming up, by Stevie Haston.

Hearing is not listening, reading isn't understanding, and well, climbing is many different things to many people! I have a seemingly impossible review of an excellent book to do. It's impossible for perhaps only me to give this brilliant book the review it deserves, but I will strive to do so. Possibly I will do it in a strenuous fashion, but I feel obliged to give it a good long intense review. Andy Kirkpatrick has won the Boardman Tasker twice, and certainly deserved it once, this isn't faint praise as I thought one of his books brilliant. This book is touted as brilliant, but it seems more than that to me, more honest, more the inner man, less the actor, writer, and funny lecturer, and more the man! 

 A person should listen, as well as see and read, and perhaps observe in different modes, camera obscurer, and fish eye for the masses.

 Artwork in this book is by Andy himself, and is a pleasure.

 The Rocker rucksack  has been improved and lightened, I'l give it a twirl  for you soon.

Andy in his book is hinting at much baggage, and talks about it a lot, he is very brave in his writing, perhaps braver than in his climbing.

the Rocker is probably the best airplane bag/rucksack you could every own.

Do you need to love mountains to appreciate them? What is your opinion on Abortion? The book Unknown Pleasures might have been called Unknown Questions, and I think many people will like it. Review soon.