I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Thursday, 17 November 2016

Climbing in a Post Trump era, by Stevie Haston.

No Blogs for a month, so whats up?

It should be clear to nearly everybody in the western world, or maybe even the whole world that there has defiantly been a mega shift to the right, and for the elite. And its obviously only going to get worse. The only question is can it be put into reverse, because it seems on a roller coaster to hell.

Yoga doesn't help at the moment. 
 With the Snooping Charter going through in the UK, and becoming law soon, all that will be needed for you puerile viewing on the net and private messages to be read will be some random words like Islam, President, parliament being blown up, revolution extreme etc.

God spoke to me today and I don't even look like Blair or Bush.

It seems you only have one choice today, that is bore your self to death by trying, probably fruitlessly, to bring your politicians into account. 

put your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye!

The Docter Strange Love situation we seem to have been shanghaied into, has come about how exactly, talk of atomic weapons when the only thing people want is not room to expand for the people, but a new I phone. When people actively support war in countries that they have no clue as to their whereabouts, with supposed terrorists who may, or may not be funded by either our allies, or even our selves. Is it not peculiar that at this time when we don't have money in either the USA or the UK for poor people, we seem to have money to kill innocent people? Who is the devil here. If the UK goes on like this we will be exporting our own immigrants, because the banks will be evicting them, and we will be saying cripples and the mentally ill are eligible for work. Strike that last sentence out, we are doing that already. The Cons are killing people by neglect, and reducing their dole, letting them fall through the cracks into the rock hard uncertain future. 
Go climbing before it is decided its subversive, or its taxed, or stand up and be counted. In the last few days in America many people have stood up and been counted for the racism of its new president. But hey they never stood up before, when Bush starting wasting people of a certain race, and his successors continued this racist policy. It is racist, when people don't care when your just wasting "A rabs" isn't it? Its the same with recist police isn't it when they target Blacks? And don't for one second think I am just talking about America, numbers show that although we in the UK don't kill them, we still jail them.