I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Friday, 18 July 2014

San Candido Adventure Outdoor Fest, by Stevie Haston

So, here we are in San Candido in the Italian Dolomites, its really great! It's sunny, the scenery is stunning, the people are all great and its just plain good. There's running, climbing, biking, walking, yoga, photography, slack line, and more.  

Nicole and Fabio the organisers, two warm people in the second year of this mountain festival they have put together diverse sports and activities with some product stands and a really high slack line over the square from a church tower to a hotel, people are enjoying it all. It's hard not too in this great little mountain town.

There's a huge amount of yoga here, it's importance here too sports and life in general seems to be not stressed but lets say outlined by its very strong presence. There are seven  different kinds of yoga to choose from. So much yoga to choose from but really if your like me you won't choose you will just try or look. Laurence Gouault Haston is presenting Kundalini yoga which emphasises breathing and mind, I am doing a workshop for helping climbers with climbers of different standards, who have also hopefully done some yoga with the other yoga teachers, but I'll be doing some yoga stretching with them as a supplement.

The super talented Loic Collomb Patton kindly posing with me! Loic is World FreeRide Champ 2014. He rides long skis for his size, coz he's fast, and for the more acrobatic stuff he goes down to 183, toad ski users take not! 

These babys are promised to me.

Typical street scene, it's just so sweet, and down the road you have a view of the Tre Cime, or Trei Zinnen in tedesco.