I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Marvelous day in Gozo, by Laurence Haston

 Stevie took me to his new cliff, the White Tower, about 8 minutes from the flat! 30 meter routes of fantastic quality, about 30 routes!

This is the line of Farse Bandit, Stevie is such a farce! Anyway, he said it's a grade 5, but it felt hard especially in the head, very atmospheric. 

This is Negresse Verte, one of the best routes you can do anywhere, felt like Ceuse, but on more interesting rock, 7c+, just super magic!
Stevie had a good day, but I missed some great shot of him on a route called Straight Street. Crazy looking bridging and a weird complex crux. That deserves really great photos.

New car for him who shall not be named.

Perfect end to a perfect day. It rained when we were climbing but the cliff stayed dry.

Top quality coffee, before and after, plus he who shall not be named is looking good, and thin, he might get good this year. Be about time!