I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Sunday, 3 April 2016

Animal inside, by Stevie tame Haston.

 Didi, our so called President of Gozo Climbing association.

I will try and put up a page on Gozo climbing Web site in Maltese, it was an over sight, sorry. We Maltese are multilingual, but I realised it was just not right not to have some thing in our own language, please forgive me. My excuse is that my Maltese is very rusty and I also only learnt dialect anyway.

 Didi my East German mate had torn a bicep, and just felt like he had recovered enough to do a few 6a's. So we did Gormengast Crack and Rocket Man, and then did a bit of cleaning. I made a new path to a sector and cleaned a few routes for doing later, they look to be good and mid range.

 A sadly dead Chameleon.

I have to thank Alistair Smith for giving me some money, and Ken for getting me a bit of glue recently. The Donation button at the top of the page is working slowly thanks everybody. I need another batch of Titanium bolts, some glue, and a bit of time to do the next batch of routes.The last new route I did was 35 meters, a bit of Tufa or collinette climbing, and an overhanging wall on big holds, it's called Master Ken after the You Tube Vids and my mate Ken obviously.

My pigeon on his ring from France, thanks Laurence for sending my exercise rings, bet your glad to see its being put to a good use.

The Chameleon I found injured after a car had knocked it out of a bush, nothing I could do sadly, lovely little animals with fantastic little feet and hands.  The little cliffs don't have much wild life, snakes, lizards, rats, rabbits, frogs, lots of birds which are making a come back since the hunters have moderated some what.
The next step is to get some of the locals into climbing instead of just foreigners enjoying our cliffs. The Gozitans are natural climbers, but the new generation are very much like everywhere else, a bit fat, a bit lethargic. We will see, there always was an interesting gene on this island, it made early Gozitans great seamen, then they immigrated in large numbers to America, Australia and the UK. Hopefully we can get some of them climbing.