I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Paradise Lost, and Found, by Stevie Haston.


Had a great day with Antonia, I asked her where she wanted to go, "normal sports cliff, or special", we ended up at the Underworld, and Sector Titan, two of my favourite cliffs.

 The 45 meter pitch of Everlasting.

Antonia was a bit scared of height and abseils, so today she got 60 meter abseils, and a very free one on sector Titan.

 learning to trust the system 60 meters up an overhanging cliff.

Sun was cracking today, sea was helpful with the entry to the Underworld, and joy and serenity was reached easily. The climbs were tip top, I had forgotten how good sector Titan was.  Martin Mr Titanium bolts really helped kick that sector off. I showed Antonia where Martins excellent 7a went, she was gobsmacked. We both looked down from the chain, and were nearly sick, it don't look 7a! It is, pure continuity, very French, or Spanish, except in this case, it's got a bit of Gozo thrown in to spice it up.  

 the abb in to sector Titan, I think Antonia crushed my grigy on this abb!

How many days you got left in your life? Better use them, better climb, better make it to a sea cliff, or two, before you take the final ride to boring death.

 Antonia on the last route of the day.

Sector Titan still only has five routes, but they are all great, I'll have to wait a bit to do more, as I gotta take some time to get strong.

The fossil that just makes the last pitch even better.

Nice day, thanks Antonia.