I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Sunday, 27 March 2016

Happy Easter, by Stevie Haston.

Happy Easter.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

Seasonal greeting. I guess its spring, even though its been here for ages this year already, the date combined with local religious festivities dictate that we must celebrate, and so celebrate we will by eating huge quantities of icky chocolate.

Ken climbing as he does.

Went climbing with Ken my Maltese mate and one of the local crew who climbs in the high 8s when he can stop eating the local excellent food. He also gave me some glue for which I am very thankful, thanks Ken. We finished the second day climbing at FruitCake Land where Ken led me up Heart of Glass a brilliant 6a+ up overhanging pockets which may be harder for the over weight, the timid, the technically non proficient, the inept, the clumsy etc, perhaps it needs a regrade as even Master Kens huge arms seemed to bulge even more than usual.   

 A very blurred photo of Easter Cristian Cross worship. Either the guy with the cross is moving very fast or my camera is drunk!

The quality of climbing at Fruit Cake Land is ridiculously high. While belaying on a hanging stance, I was reminded of how perfectly genius the new route setter was by a huge series of crashing waves that pummelled underneath and the shot up vertical for 8meters only to miss and then fall back into the sea.  The thus avoided colonic irrigation seemed to tense up parts of my aged body and I was up the route Heart of Glass in seconds. Ken was all smiles at the top and mumbling about pizza. However I took him to see a local project and was treated to Kens eyes bigger than when he sees a big plate of spaghetti. Can we bolt it he asked, no I replied I am afraid it is so perfect we will have to leave it as a traditional route and it will only get 3 ascents in the next 20 years- mysterious indeed are the ways of climbing nearly as mysterious as Easter. Happy Easter and please be understanding of my non religious stance and I love you all anyway, believers, non believers, agnostics, chocolate eaters and climbers.