I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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The Grivel Quick Easy Draw, by Stevie quick on the draw Haston.

Life should be simple and easy, just look at cats, do they get mortgages? So why haven’t you bought a Grivel Quick Easy Draw?
Grivel with their concept of making things easier have defo come up with one of my favorite bits of kit. This Quick Easy Draw has a two fold advantage....SEE MORE.....

Grivel Rocker and Haul Pack by Stevie Haston

The Grivel Rocker is a purpose designed day out at the crag, or bouldering cliff back pack. Its great advantage is that is an organizer while being good to carry. The opening is a very robust zip flap which folds out flat allowing you access to a large main area which takes a lot of gear. There are various pockets and sleeves for your gear with...SEE MORE...

The La Sportiva Vertical running shoe, by Stevie Haston.

La Sportiva's lightest running shoe, named for the vertical kilometre race, is a total ace! It weighs nothing, it breathes really well, it’s a winner. Drawbacks, it is...SEE MORE...

The La Sportiva Futura, by Stevie 55 Haston.

The future is here! I aint going to say much cos I said it all when I described the Speedster. The Futura is the Speedster but better, plus the blue colour makes me pull harder. Just open your mind, it’s basically a vision ...SEE MORE...

Grivel Quantum Race by Stevie Speedy Haston.

This axe is the one I used for the last few years and its only down side is that its shaft isn’t as strong as the new extruded alloy ones.  Its extremely  light, responsive, and a ...SEE MORE...

Crusher Matrix board, by Stevie un-bored Haston

The Crusher Matrix Board is just what I need at the moment, and I will recommend it . Some people will say that a board is a board but thats very silly. The fingers are the primary link in climbing, if you have strong fingers at least you can...SEE MORE...

La Sportiva Testarossa by Stevie  Haston

This boot is the most precise climbing shoe in my arsenal. I really climb better in this shoe, there are a few reasons, but it is mainly the wide fitting, and turn....SEE MORE... 

La Sportiva Speedster rock slipper, by Stevie Haston

To call this a slipper is almost a misnomer, it’s close to being a rubber skin on your feet! Whose it for? Well that is indeed a good question, because it is so radical. I have used many slippers in my time so maybe I can be classed as some one who knows how to use them, but I have to class this slipper in a class of its own, it is not, most definitely not for beginners. I mainly use slippers for training, for plastic...SEE MORE...

La Sportiva Python Slipper, by Stevie Haston.

You are generally a slipper climber, or a rock shoe climber, I am both. This new slipper from La Sportiva is worth looking at from climbers who maybe haven’t yet tried a slipper before, mainly because of its instep strap. This Velcro....see more

Grivel 360 ice screw, by Stevie Haston

The Grivel 360 is my favorite screw, its not the only one I use, but it’s my favorite for nearly every situation. All Grivel screws are good screws but they are all a little different, for slightly different end use. The tube and teeth of all... see more

La Sportiva Mythos Ltd edition, by Stevie no Limits Haston.

The post came at Xmass , and behold a gift of gold. A pretty pair of boots, to do a preety route in. The Mythos climbing shoe is 20 years old, and I have been working with Sportiva for...see more

La Sportiva Electron GTX, By Stevie Swift Haston.
Another great running shoe from Sportiva. The sole is a very deep, undulating waffle, wave thingy. The sole is the interesting bit, it initially put me off because it differs from more trad soles but I have learned how to enjoy it. The idea is that it will bend and conform to shapes and... see more  

The Winter of our content’ is apon us and we must sling some spiky things around, upon, and anon. Anyway the G20 is the business for sure, it’s the best Mono around...see more  

The Crossover GTX is what I would describe in British terms as a Fell running shoe. It is ideal for steep very rough terrain with its clever studded sole and ... see more

My latest tested Baby, she climbs like Maria Callas sings. An interesting head, ergo and beau… see more  

The Grivel Plume carabiner is one of my favorite bits of kit, its just plain useful and damn light. It is about 28grs, you can get biners a few ...see more

Telling people what to wear in running shoes is a bit off; in my opinion, but then again people do need a bit of help deciding. I work for Sportive but this doesn’t affect my choice of shoe, so please think about what I say. There is a lotta..... see more  

New Mixed Axes from Grivel, by Stevie Haston

Two great axes, very robust, different performance. I am totally spoilt for choice at the... see more

New age Ice Axe from Grivel, Stevie Haston

Just tested this axe, big wow, or rather Big Wow!
 Light, responsive, magic, very expensive, makes steep ice more pleasurable.
 Allows you to understand ice more and therefore climb.... see more