I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Happy Vaisakhi to my friends, by Stevie Haston.

It is Vaisakhi  or spring festival in the Punjab. To all my friends to whom this festival has value have a good one. To my many Kundalini chums who are celebrating today have a good one. It's a Sikh festival, may the Guru smile on you.

 a tide of blue tiny jelly fish -we don't have tide in the Med!

One day I will be at peace. Its sad that I only am when Iave been climbing or exhausting myself but it is my religion. I have taken a few things from the Sikhs, but not enough.

was on this again today

Today I prayed to the sea, today I prayed to the stone, today I prayed to the sky. It was really hot 29 today, far to hot. If politicians don't get their shit together soon, it's gonna go bad. There will be precious little food grown on the island this year, its dry as -I could be rude now, but I wont- so I,ll just say as dry as Margarette thatchers…. and leave a blank.

 A plague of flowers

Went climbing had a dip in the sea, it's still cold. Did my hour of stretching, just like I should, have done my 20% of free work as I normally do- well its a bit more as I aint got any work for myself!

Theres a ground cactus in bloom just now, I,ll get you a photo tomorrow. Nice bit of spicy food, and dreaming of being in India.
    But obviously not as a sewage worker, or some one dying of hunger, or one of the huge amounts of indentured workers. It's shit having to qualify every thing you say- so I will stop now. Happy days to the good people, and may the bad see the light, and become good, and help the rest of us.