I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Dodgy Dave versus Dennis Skinner. By Stevie the Menace Haston.

 Nice cliffs, looking towards Sector Bruno.

Guess the grade that Osborne leads. Go on, don't be fed up with politics, have a bit of fun. How about Corbyn? I reckon Osborne is a shaker, a vacillator, no self confidence-obviously because he has nothing to be confident about.

 "Ropes man", "unto thee I trust my life" these ones are a bit abused by the continuing gales.

Do you not think that Denis Skinner would make a better job on the crack I can't climb, than me?

 Contemplating very little, and little is contemplating me back.

I always understood the complete bias of the press, after all I have been involved in climbing and climbing media for decades. The climbing media is bent, and always has been. In this, it mirrors its dad, Big media. At one time the climbing Media of the world was influenced and dictated to by a guy called Ken Wilson. An acquaintance of mine who sat and pontificated from the flatlands of North London, while being able to lead grade 5 on a good day- with a severe updraft. The updraft normally came from his own mouth, which was powerful and eloquent but sadly, nearly always wrong. He was a nice man who had Socialist ideas and principles, but loved elites, and sent his kids to Private Schools! The media of climbing today is still the same, with a couple of noble exceptions. I have been kicked out of meetings for uttering the truth, meetings run by people who don't even climb sometimes. The houses of Parliament are a bit like that now, Denis Skinner being thrown out of the House for saying Cameron was baptised Dodgy, is far more accurate than Cameron accusing and branding Corbyn a Terroist sympathiser. Cameron wasn't kicked out!

 Carob pods.

Orange rock, blue sky, fluffy clouds. No climber in this photo.

So I reckon Dennis Skinner is a Lion among sheep, an 8a climber, not on bolts, but on dodgy gear. On my last climbing trip I went to the Elbensandstone and had something of extreme importance to the history of climbing confirmed. Elben sandstone climbers were ahead for years! It was only because of the backlash against the Nazi and the Big War that  their stature was diminished. It wasn't orchestrated, it was an organic nibbling away because of the need to create other national superior climbs, and climbers for each little country. The history of climbing is indeed Dodgy, like most other things.