I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Thursday, 7 April 2016

Bilingual Illiterate, by Stevie sublinguil Haston.

I was sick, am still sick, and am now training thanks to the Pet shop Boys. The crack I tried to climb made me a bit ill. I tried this brute, and the moves for 3 hours. Probably too long considering I am overweight. Things felt good, I got carried away, and didn't realise the effort I put in. 

they laugh at you, millions of pounds to celebrate that she devils life! 

 "Cracks hurt, they hurt in proportion to how much you want them ", unpublished Pet Shop boy lyric.

 A bit of rain on the ruffled sea.

 Pull ups, or rows in this case for the poor belayer, 3 hours on top of a chockstone trying to pull me into the right positions.

When your sick you shouldn't train. Very scared I am going to mess my pants.

When your sick you have a right to complain. I am sick of failing on my route, I am sick of it hurting me, I am sick of it busting my balls, I am sick of not getting to the end of that pitch and spitting into the ocean with a final "done it" feel. The moves make me feel like a Bilingual illiterate.


Lovely lines from a very reasonable film with sound track by Pet shop boys. 

Oh and by the way, what are our musicians saying about all the fiddling in government, well not much they were some of the first on the boat to the Bahamas! However they are not in government pretending to be the good guys.