I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Thursday, 28 April 2016

Teaching, training, trying. by Stevie Haston.

Learning, growing, being.
Teaching -learning.
Ok start now-.

 in the film the Great Escape, Steve McQueen was riding one of these bikes with skill and élan.

The Great Escape that we all do nowadays is in escaping from our normal complicated and false world into our natural and prime ordial movement enjoyment mode.

 Rich, having counted the waves makes his escape, I the teacher got tangoed!

I have been very lucky this week, two good students willing and able to learn. Life should be this good and I would like life more. Two visits to the Underworld cliff to pay homage to the ancient stone.

 Rich above the sucking vortex, the very oesophagus of the Underworld.

Teaching, training, trying.

Part of a corroded carabiner.

 The Underworld eats forged metal, it trains minds and forges them stronger. If they escape, that is. There is a very solid bit of truth about getting good.The better you are the better quality routes you have access to. Great routes are unfortunately more numerous in the higher grades. 

Rich going down, down to sector Titan.

This morning I did my hour of stretching. This morning I did my hour of breath control. I will be better prepared…. I will do my preparation befor I go to see my buddy Kyle who will lavish fine food and wine on me, we will wake up when we want, we will be undisciplined boys, we will laugh and giggle, we will still go climbing every day, but I will certainly not do my breathing routines. So tomorrow I will do twice as much to compensate. The Great Escape from the great escape.

Plus a mamoth session of pull-ups.