I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Sunday, 24 April 2016

Bernd is the best route I'ave done, by Stevie Haston.

Jeff Camilleri is in this photo, thanks Jeff.

So thanks are due to several people. I have been very lucky in my climbing career not least because I am still alive, but because I have received much help from some lovely people. Although the climbing industry now resembles more Hollywood, or Bollywood, than the group of small passionate manufacturers I first knew, my thanks go out. Some are not there anymore, dead and gone. The sport is not the same, but some of the sportsmen are, and so are the people who help them.

Big thanks to Grivel, Scarpa, and Edelweiss.

I have worked in the Industry for years and years, I ave been getting help since I was a kid. So thanks all you people, the Londoners, the Welsh, the French the Italians.

Trying to salvage some of the kit, most of this is now trash.

I went through two ropes, finally opting for a 9.2mm to cut down on weight, and drag. Thanks all the people at Edelweiss.

I used Scarpa Furia, but went through a pair of Scarpa Stix, I needed a really good heel in the end which the Furia has, although I love the Stix.

I used lots of Grivel stuff, and there support over 25 years has been instrumental in me doing so much.

Thanks to Alex, and Jeff, and cousin Paul for the belays. 

Thanks to the wind for the good conditions, thanks to all those animals and plants that lost their lives to make that lovely Limestone/sandstone. Thanks to the pounding waves that formed this cave, thanks to the Bee eater birds that flew over me as I finished today. 

And if some of this reads like a grovel, it is! I need the support and the belays and the help.

Thank Bernd Arnold for the climbing in Elbsandstein and showing me that great place full of history and magnificence. Thanks for the name.