I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Monday, 18 April 2016

The European Mystic Pizza, by Stevie Haston.

 some Londoners I met today.

Just had a couple of nice days climbing with Antonia from Bulgaria. I been helping her climb etc, I do like giving my limited knowledge of the gigantic sport of climbing to people. Its only when I see things through younger and less experienced eyes that I realise I have something good and valuable.

 Antonia understanding that abseiling is really not bad and indeed its great when you do it well and safely.

Anyway Europe and the disunited states there of, what a wonderful place it is when you think about it. Ease of travel, one currency and a group mentality that is indeed European and very rich in different cultures. I have friends from every where and the last few years have lessened those last vestiges of xenophobia that lurk darkly within ones soul like a virus.

 Hanging belay, all cool.

Today we worked on Abseling, a bit of rope work and trying to be relaxed in places where perhaps one might have been anxious before.

 sorry about the horizone I was talking to Antonia at the time.

We were climbing in the wonderful area of Weird Mielah and doing routes on the rock arch and then we walked to Fruit Cake Land to do Walking on Sunshine and a classic unknown route that I have rediscovered that is a fisherman's route. All beautiful, a bit hot, we checked out the swimming, the jelly fish are all ready out so we didn't jump in.

Antonia is from Bulgaria, Alex is from Germany, the dog is an Italian Greyhound that we found in a dustbin.

As I was belaying Antonia I saw a group of people carrying a cross so naturally I waved and they waved back. I didn't think much of it, but when I told the girls it was clear that they thought I had too much sun. Anyway an hour later we caught up with them, so my credibility with the girls was restored. The group had been very kind and said a prayer for me as I was climbing. Thet were over praying for my island. We had a nice natter, I thanked them for their prayers and went and had a Wiess Beer. Perfect Mystic Gozo day!