I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Saturday, 30 April 2016

A summer times blues. by Stevie happy Haston.

Its full summer today, hot as hell on an angry day. Down by the sea it was hot and humid and the sea looked limpid and you could see it sweating.

a pizzed snake local delicacy.

 I hate summer in the Med but I will try and stay on Gozo and Malta this year. I want to do a bit more swimming because I am so useless at it and my connection with the sea is strong. I hope to get stronger to do some harder projects and it needs planning help and a home base.

 I need some googles for the dog, he gets jealous and then worried if I disappear!

We, as in I Alex and Richard went to take photos of Bernd today, conditions were awful which doesn't bode well for the next 5 months. Its gonna be a long hot sweltering summer and I think I will train, train, climb, do my breathing, do my Kundalini yoga, dive, climb and Martial arts.

 I liked these people, not because they prayed for me, but because they seemed really happy. Glad to do their Cross training.

This week I am off to see my good friend Kyle who is working for the American guides Ass  in Sicily. A weeks holiday climbing, a busman's holiday, a bit of drinking and daft stuff with American friends.

 the start to Tirpitz 7b-hard.

I must thank Richard and Alex today for helping me out with photos, they were great, I wanted to abort because of the humidity. The se claimed two bits of gear! But we had a lovely day at Fruit Cake Land. We talked to a local old fisherman who talked about the route I used to solo out on. Some climbers have said the fishermen coulnt solo down this cliff but I saw them when I was young. Its a great route massively exposed - lots of climbers would shit themselves-especialy in bare feet with fishing tackle and a fishing trap.


Thanks Rich, hope you enjoyed today, thanks for the belay.