I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Icons of an overhanging church. by Stevie upside down Haston.

Gregor and his climbing Wall in Cologne (Koln) have donated to my climbing project on Gozo , I'll be buying some Titanium, and glue for the new year. Thanks to any body who donates, Donation button is on right top of page.

 A street car named Desire, no it's a route called Bernd!

Gregor wants me to call a route Viva Cologne to celebrate their donation and I will do so! If any body else who has donated wishes me to name a route for them, please tell me. It's the least I can do, and some of my names can be a bit crass!

 Gozo remains beau even now.

Visiting the crack of Bernd, it felt a bit easier. Storms this week might stop play. My old stomping ground in north Wales had record rain and floods, 1100 cm of rain! It's not like that here, you can climb because we have over 300 days of full sunshine!

A fairly typical photo of Fruit Cake Land, this is an easy passage, believe it or not!

Tempus Fugit, and all that, use your time, climb if you like to climb. With the death of Motorhead head man Lemmy, an age seems to have passed. Men deceive themselves into thinking they are important. Climbers have some of the largest egos, more in proportion to a Blue Whale than a small weak Ape! Congrats to the Slovenian girls for knocking down 9a lead, and an 8c onsight. Inspiration is always welcome, thank you. 
For this new years resolution I will give up cows milk, do an 8c, and grow a Mullet. Failed last year, need support this year!