I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Precipices, Portraits, Pirates,

 Just crucify me, love this photo.

Just found out that one of my all time favourite climbers is coming here to Gozo, so I am Stoked.
Steve Maclure is famous in many ways, but in some ways - he is so casual about his great climbing, that it misses people.

 Steve Maclure stealth climber.

The editor of UK climb Mag came over recently to interview me,  and as we were talking in the auditorium of the inner Underworld cliff, you could see Ian Parnell eyes light up as he could imagine Steve Mac eating the rock. I enjoyed it too. It was nice to see a UK sea cliff climber like Ian, appreciate my cliff, and my climbs. Oh my precious. Yes its personal.  I get so fed up of people coming to the Underworld, and they just get grossed out by the thugginess of the place, they miss the beauty, the fossils, the singularity of disappearing perspective of the routes in the Time Tunnel. Yep it's wasted on Plonkers, it won't be on Steve Maclure.  

70 meter pitches at this cliff, far out and funky!.

 Freda Kahlo

 world champs they are invariably Grivel athletes.

I keep promising to do a dry cliff here, for the boys and girls to play around on our softer than cheese rock, I,ll try and get some money together, and do it for next year, when we have a Gozo climbing festival. Big overhangs for Mixed climbers, yep should be fun!

 Master of the Universe.

Official rope testers are auditioning here on Gozo. We will be testing a few bolts this week, we will test some glue, but above all we will be placing Titanium as part of Gozo Climbing Association policy.

Stephan and his Red Chilli team enjoying our sunshine.

Lots of people climbed on Gozo this year, I am happy, things will get better. I had a bad day when I let the CNUTS of this world get to me with their egos, and nonsense, guys who climb 5+ and 6a. Gozo is great, me and my mates will try to make it better, promise. Plus got a bit of work in Germany at ISPO so will be able to eat, pay my electricity, and climb. Thanks Grivel I needed the money.