I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Friday, 4 December 2015

Return to Basics, by Stevie Basic Haston.

 Basic crack, it's at least 8b+.

Did a bit of training, 1300 pull ups on a few different edges, and holds. It felt good to do some work. I started to do some yoga again. I miss it, and my Yoga teacher. I miss France,  but certainly don't wish to live there at the moment. You must balance problems with solutions. Training is a solution to being weak, so I train.

 Basically a bit windy and beau.

I love my little island, and realise how Gozitan I am. I was never French, nearly, but never quiet, more from the Pyrenees, than from Chamonix, more garlic, than primrose.

 Basically lead, and heavy.

I am a bit too weak to use the 12kg weight belt, did a couple of sets, I can feel it in the belly of my lats, a dull ache. Basically good pain.

Basically wood, out of focus, and kind to your fingers.

How do you do 1230 pull ups? Slowly, and carefully, like Hedge Hogs mating! And you must use wood, and a good board.
Finding "the wood" is very important if you'r a porn star, avoiding "the wood", is very important if your red pointing, and finally "a good Woody", is clearly your best friend. Clearly.

Basically Titanium 2, completely rust proof, and the only solution!

So Titanium doesn't rust, is very ductile, so it stresses less in manufacturing, and therefore shouldn't get stress corroded. It will be there long after I die! Basically, if you are placing bolts that are not titanium, you have wood for brains. 20° today-sea is warmer than the air-not a bad place to live. I am glad I don't live in Syria. And the French should be careful about draconian policing, and arresting, and beating people up, like they are now doing. That's Fascism-Basically.