I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Sunday, 3 January 2016

Busy Future, by Stevie Haston.

 Tower of Power, busy, busy.

Be careful what you ask for, in case you get it. Well Gozo climbing is slowly getting popular. It is what I wanted, but every now, and then you get the odd feeling of discomfort. I like seeing people enjoying themselves, climbing, walking, swimming, but it will effect my own enjoyment, and the locals. Respect for other users is necessary, especially the land owners. Wow, nice climbers from Germany hitting the Tower on hard routes for a change, instead of moaning, they were all smiles.   

 My local bar, run by relatives, glue delivery with a coffee, thanks Malta Association climbers!

Routes are a lot of work. People should help. How do they help? They should donate to maintenance, and improvement, and access. They should trim the odd branch on the path, they should pluck a weed, or two, out of the holds, they should clean the holds etc. Small things add up!

tuffas, fat colonnettes, these ones are not to be climbed on, local interdiction. Mgarr Ix Xini one of my old routes!

It's been a busy start to the year, hopefully people will respect our climbs, leave no litter, and help with our fledgling organisation. The Gozo Climbing Association info site is up and running , we will try to maintain it, and keep it up to date. Info about bolts loose, absent, rusting, or otherwise compromised, please send info me. I'll try to get around to them. 

Daffodils, at Sopu, please tread lightly where ever you go. Don't pick the flowers please.

Climbers today learn their sport at climbing walls where climbing is a more social activity, and a noisy one, than at the cliff where it should perhaps be a more comtempletative and quiet. Cliff and climbing etiquette is needed so that our access and the pleasure of all can continue. Magazines and guidebooks could be a bit better at educating users in cliff, and climbing etiquette, common sense and courtesy and  good manners, are a minimum. Happy climbing in 2016.