I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Monday, 28 December 2015

The Abyss stares back. by Stevie Wall eyed Haston.

Freddie the happy fisherman, fishing at the top of one of my routes.

I dislike Nietzsche, primarily because I can't spell his name right, but hey the guy could string a few words together, right! You know the old chestnut "do not stare into the abyss, or the abyss will stare back", climbers like that one, or pseudo pullers. It turns out Nietzche was a bit of a fraud, or like Freud the psychologist, a bit of a psycho with a penchant for the perverse.
The Abyss quietly doing nothing!

Spent a few days exploring cliffs and rocks, and angles of dangle!  And did a few other things bolt related. Did a few pull out tests on some bolts, which was interesting. Some of the local stone is very soft. 

A beautiful easy new route, with stone immaculate. A classic, 30 meters.

The MCA (Malta Climbing Association) is giving/ donating 6 tubes of glue, thanks very much Ken and the guys. I really appreciate it, as other sources have dried up!  

Scarpa  Furia, its a toss up between this, and the Drago, as to which is the best boot of the year!

After the recent storms I went on an old project and it felt a bit easier, maybe I am climbing better, I certainly can't be stronger. Possibly it was that the fierce waves have cleaned the rock. Above is a photo of a shoe that makes me climb harder. People don't want to understand that a good shoe will add two grades to your climbing, over a bad ill fitting shoe! Wake up guys pay the cobbler!  As Nietzsche said "its all about the Cobblers".