I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Saturday, 5 December 2015

Mistra rocks and Sopu Towers complex. by Stevie Simple Haston.

 man eating brambles.
A little day trying to distract my self from the problems of the world. Two meter high black berry bushes, and hedges of local Devils thorn can take your mind off anything, I assure you.

 A wall of nobs and stuck on things, perhaps a few little climbs.

The Nadur cliffs on Gozo have the most routes in the Maltes Islands now, with over a hundred routes! It's got routes up to 8c+, and a few novice routes. It's a lovely maze of big rock pinnacles, and cliffs with strangely a lot of stamina routes for its short height. The longest pitch is 40 meters, but they are generally around 22, or so. 

 a bit tired in the daffy down dillies.

Went out "en famile", a dog also, the two young girls sometimes becoming lost in the labyrinth of blocs and holes and the maze of thorn bushes. The poor dog, a small one, suffered the most, having to be carried occasionally by me. He enjoyed snuffling out the large rats however, he loved that.
Prickly pear eating, with the White Tower in the background.

Thanks to Jeff and Ken for being supportive lately, man you need mates sometimes. It rained today, found a new wall, messed about, looked for crystals and fossils. Spotted a few of the blue Black Rock thrushes, the national bird of the islands. All nice. 

big up to Jeff and Ken, this is 21.12.12. the strange numerical name of a fine 8b.

It's been a beautiful day. Among the rocks and flowers, despite the troubles of the world, and my total inability to help any one, a little peace was found.  I hope that these few photos, and the knowledge that there is little oasis of calm in between the horrid people and turmoil,  hope it gives you a little pleasure. Remember climbers we are one, we fight without a victim, we war against our selfs to be better, to be calmer, to have more fun and success among the rocks, or if your lucky among the mountains. Peace and serenity to you.