I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Summer is coming, by Stevie sunny Haston

 the view from the 17 th Century sentry box on fungus rock.

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It's very warm today, a big El Nino will ruin the ski season I suppose, who knows now a days.  I was enjoing very warm conditions, and went soloing, and to do a bit of work. The work was to lever off a big flake of rock on one of my routes. A bit dangerous, glad I got rid of it, more than two meters high, and a meter wide! I watched a climber pull on it a few months ago, it's off route, but people will wander around! Any way it's gone. Then I did another, that one took me an hour, it moved, and rattled but wouldn't come out. Soloing stuff afterwards was easy.  

 BerndArnold, East German route developer, and ace climber.

The year is nearly out and gone, just a religious festival, and a weird arbitrary new years day to go! Solstice is my celebration. It felt good to know every day will be lighter now.

 A little rainbow, rainbows symbolise hope, we all need a bit of hope. Good luck to you all.

This year will be climbing, climbing and more climbing. 

 Titanium bolt and rams horn lower off. good stuff, not cheap but it will last.

Next year there will be a festival in Gozo for climbers, and before that I would like to do a fair few routes, and make a few things safe. Please donate to my bolting projects, button at the top, they promised it will be alright now.

 A beautiful fossil on one of my routes, a giant worm I think!

We seem to live in changing times, the next few years will be a fight for various freedoms. Democracy and the rule of law are almost dead. You are lucky if your governments pay lip service to anything. So climbing for some people will be their big escape. 

sector Titan, brilliant stamina routes for the winter.

Any way putting out the feelers to all my mates, all the old climbers, all the vets, and all the young climbers who like exciting climbing, and a nice chilled place, Gozo Climbing Festa, Festa Tal Biceps, 2016. Give me feedback guys, and girls.

Ginger bread climbers and climbers dog.

In 3 weeks I got a bit of work, I,ll be pulling the stops out to do a hard route before then, you got to be positive, you gotta train hard, you mustn't get injured, and you can't drink! Well perhaps one for Auld Lang syne.