I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Bad day at good Rock, by Stevie Sad Haston

 Alas poor stoic I was once well.

I saw a turle, about a thousand barracuda, and it looked like Tuna hurding lots of fish, finally a very big dolphin fish appeared. None of this did its usual trick of making me feel special, and lucky. I can't actually believe how some people have let me down recently. You probably feel that I shouldn't off load onto you, and you want your usual entertainment, but hey I'ave had a shitty day. Clearly not a serious Syrian kind of day, but I really am fed up with certain people on Malta. They are holding the sport back. We have no kids and the general level of climbing is lamentable.

 A fossil, I think its a tube worm, but if you actually know, please tell me.

Right whinge over. Today was ok, it was a perfect day, a new route called Sissyfuss 6a, and a bit of scoping out. I am a bit loath to share this cliff with horrid climbers, because it's rich in fossils, and I don't want them broken. I saw litter from climbers today, I picked it up!

 Sissyfuss, 6a 40 meters, very nice.

Cant wait for the winter solstice to be honest, the lac of light is making me glum. You probably think this is whinging of a high order, but I really don't like the dark nights. That's why I am here in the sparkling light.

 looking at a 7b?

The overhanging wall I was looking at today was very nice. It will provide a lot of fun.

A silver Dollar fossil, there is always a silver lining with a silver dollar.

Good times ahead, good routes, blue skies, azure sea, pleasant kind company. Lots of yoga for me to keep the CNUTS at bay. I need to retreat into my yoga climbing bubble, and be selfish for a while.