I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Help me create climbs. By Stevie Haston.

 local fishing boat with basket traps.

Right my Pay Pal button is up and running, I expect to be overwhelmed by contributions. If you have climbed on Gozo and enjoyed it, or whether you expect to come, and have a good holiday with some rust proof bolts, please think of adding to our great climbs.

 Mr T, and a strange mythical creature taking his light image!

Gozo has gone Titanium and this will take a lot of work, one way or the other. We hope to make some climbs that will benefit the climbing community, increase tourism, and cause more fun, and success for everyone.

 The kind of route you can expect, 35 meters of slightly overhanging rock.

Today Mr T was red pointed by Martin, it was very impressive, and while he was on the top crux, three dolphis where lashing about hunting, very cool.

Mr T is a very pumpy 7a, its extraordinary.

A very nice day was passed, I was in the company of a nice man, and no horrid people, no social chit chat, or unnecessary pleasantries were exchanged. Just rock, sea, and sky.

The view from the top of Sector Titan.

What can I say, one more good climb done, one more little journey for climbers in serene ambiance, one bit of peace in an increasingly at war planet. Peace and love to you all, except for the cnuts, death and transfiguration to them. Sorry didn't mean that last bit, it just slipped out. Peace to all, even the Cnuts.