I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Happy days to you, by (from) Stevie content Haston.

 Gozo  Free diving is brill.

Donate if you can, or want, to good routes on Gozo. Donation Button at top right.

The Balmy weather continues. The climbing is if anything too hot in the sun. Yesterday after a quick two warms up we were in the shade. We met a young British couple climbing on a 3 month holiday, how clever, how wise of people so young, to do the right thing. Your youth is precious. And so is the sun. The suns power and glory is being squandered by the government here, as elsewhere, More Solar Power next year please, less reliance on wars, and killing, to turn the Establishments profit.

 Ah, the Sun.

I am gratified to note that four people have donated to helping me make routes, and use better materials. These are Mr Ashton, Mr Gore, Claudio Cecchin, Paul Sammut and Ian Parnell. Thank you all.  It is interesting to note that Ian Parnell is the editor of the UK  climbing magazine Climb! He is the second editor to donate, Ian Smith of Climber Mag has already donated twice! It is immensely pleasing to me that these two people, think I am worthy of their gifts. Indeed I took Ian Parnell up a route called the "Gift of Small things", Gifts that are well meant, are big things!

 the 50 meter abseil into sector Calypso.

Paul gave me some money, he is my NewYork "cuss" and we climbed among other things the Last Rhino. This big route of three parts took 5 days altogether, Paul has donated twice and given his time also. 

Sopu tower, grade 6, pleasant, delicate, perfect.

So yes the year in passing has been mixed, and I am very thankful I live on a small (tiny) island with peaceful folk. So Gozo thank you for giving me a home in troubled times. The Sun I salute you as I do every morning, the yoga Sun Salutation should be done by us all! Sadly Malta is now officially the most Obese country in Europe! It is also at the top of the Diabetes.  So next year Government of Malta please consider Climbing as an interesting cure for these two Big problems. Because Climbing is the Gift of Small things!