I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Sunday, 27 December 2015

Climbing in the sun, flooding in Uk. by Stevie Haston.

Donation button to help me make climbs etc, on top right of page, thanks everybody who has contributed. Should be doing a bit more work soon, some belays on a few popular climbs will be changed to Titanium as well as finishing sector Titanium.  Thanks Rob Fox for Donating.

This is the web site our little web site, click on and have a look it might be helpful if your planning a visit;    http://gozoclimbinginfo.com

 Sopu tower, home to lots of grade 5s and 6s.

I have two daughters living in flood prone Llanberis area! I have loads of friends living in the aptly named Lakes, can we blame it all on the rain or can we blame some of it on bad planning in these areas? I have always tried to live on hills because I like views but clearly you might be safe from flooding on a hill!

 local cake, modelled on a weapon, it was a hoop filled with chemicals and sticky inflammables, thrown over soldiers or sailors. Big hoops that would catch a few people at a time. Not nice as weapons, nice if you like cakes!

My fellow islanders likes to eat cakes, so we are often fat! We are the fattest in Europe with the highest rate of Diabetes, perhaps we need some education, some moderation, and some sport consideration!

 xmass present of brushes to my self.

Climbing is a good sport, it's varied, and promotes self reliance and fitness, with problem solving thrown in for good measure.  Personally I am looking foreward to another year. Last year twice to the Americas once to east Germany, this year I won't sadly go ice climbing-well, I'll just have to suck it up, and climb in the sun!

 follow these to climbs.

A Welsh team will be visiting Gozo, my Daughter Kate will come over for a week also, climbing with her ancient creaking father. The Gozo Climbing Association Web site is up, take a look please, like it if you find it likeable. The most important thing the Gozo Climbing Association has done is to switch to Titanium for a longer lasting and safer material. A small measure of progress is taking place. And some of this is due to all you- so thanks for being there, and reading my blogs.

 sunset, sun rise at the moment, always colourful.

Each day seems very precious, it should be. As the old saying goes, this isn't a rehearsal, it's the only life we got. Go climbing, be good, pick the weeds out of the holds please, trim the verge on our paths, leave the odd flower to brighten our passing. Help create climbs for others.

 a big block with two routes higher than it looks, the routes start three meters further down by the farmers pond, don't drop rocks into the pond please!

The sea is 19 degrees C at the moment. The air temps for climbing is perfect, perhaps too hot in the sun without a good breeze!

bees still alive, local strain of honey bee is ancient and more healthy than common honey bee!

Thanks every body who has helped me, and the Gozo Climbing Association.