I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Monday, 5 December 2016

The Chimera of climbing.By Stevie Haston

 the Chimera, a great shoe by Scarpa Italy.

It's Xmass all you need in your stocking are boots! Playing with words. Word play, Cold Play. Etc.

These boots are made for walking.

 Thats me in the Blur, looking towards seeing the guy who put me in this photo,  repro is bad because it's a photo of a really big Poster at Liberty Mountain USA.

I am lucky with in the brotherhood  and sisterhood of my friends I don't really have anybody I want to run over and then reverse back over with a steam roller! Theres just a few I want to nudge with a sharp stick. However good wishes to all-today-its sunny and I count my blessings.

 the chameleon nature of politicians is legend.

 This was a very fast little bugger…

 The Stealth helmet, protect your bone dome. The stealth is the second lightest on the Market but certainly the best looking, and for me an easy choice.

Another year another dollar, shekel, euro, let them eat cake the politicians, lets build a wall around American pie, French Cheese, Bulgarian buns, and Chamonix Shams, British Empires, and Draconian Dracs…. Delly Bellies, Wabbly jellies and don't forget arguing about female veils and Terrorists who statistically are less dangerous than wasps in your beer.

 a man has to work, fonf memories of Italy, their Prime-minister just resigned, is it habit forming?

Jesus do I have to work, scrape and mess about for another year when all I want to do is go and live in Madagascar?

 the perennial problem, weakness…

Being weak is optional, stupidity is genetic, although being a lazy, couch voyeaur is fairly characteristic of todays population. Get a life for XMass, stop watching life go by, stop watching the great British Bake off (toss off), get a life. Train spotting 2 will be watched, not some Hollywood crap about superman 55 meets Donald Trump Tower Infernal.

the perennial answer, training….

The flag in the corner is optional, I am not nationalistic at all, indeed how could I be, I have no stamp on my skin-not yet. Laurence my partner for many years, reminded me I was a product of cliffs, and mountains, my character forged through communion with nature and betting my life on my own values.