I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Saturday, 17 December 2016

Epiphany emergency clinic. By Stevie confused Haston.

 morning hangover guru not working?

You know when FB, and the internet help, and you know when it doesn't, you know when it's just a communication problem, and sometimes it's an attention one combined with a lack of intelligence, but what if it's all at once! Or gods forbid it, your own problem. Probably time to train.

 Alkaline diet?

The weather is atrocious, high winds, and rain, almost impossible to do anything. But obviously thats not true, it's just an excuse.

 Book  diet?

A short walk in the Hindu Kush is still a great book, but what has happened to that valley? 1956, the year before I was born, when you could just go there if you were an englishman of certain pedigree, can you go now? Of whatever pedigree?

weather, wither, blather, its inclement Freud.

In the book they gloss over their experience of mountaineering, quickly do a days course in climbing, and some how fumble their way up a 20,000 foot mountain, it's all rather jolly, and English, which I would normally hate, but it is a very funny book. I hesitate to recommend it, but as I have read it a few times, and most of my contemporaries will have read it, it might appear to be necessary reading, not for the Hindu Kush, because you can't really get there, but to that forgotten region, the back of an old  climbers brain. Dashiell Hammetts novels in one book is brill also, might just sit in, and even if the weather gets better, and just keep hiding my head in the sand, because the real world, as usual don't make any sense. "Cockup", by Colin Spenser although written in 1974, it is about the overthrow of the Greek government, and talks about the CIA etc. Are we to wait 7 years for a book like Cock-Up to tell us what really happened in Syria? Most people I discus things with on FB weren't even born in 1967, and if they were they didn't know that Greece existed, after all there was no climbing there-right!