I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Best wishes to good people, defenestration to others, by Stevie severe Haston.

 The swirl of chalk caught in an up draft of warm breeze, the bubbles off my fins, these are the things that remind me of you.

 these fish were eaten for their hallucinatory effects "class A fish"-they are better smoked-its the way I tell em folks.

 50 routes here- some magnificent-lazy people will never win their affections-they are waiting for you,

 An ordinary good route… like many.. a moment of grace in the human animal fight against his own pathetic nature.

 Oh yes another day, we tick them off, why? I want to reverse the direction, turn back the sun, push or roll him across the sky, I want my tight skin back, not my climbing tights, my tight skin.

 Its a pleasure.;;

A silver lining to you, a special silver lining.