I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Friday, 30 December 2016

Psycho Killer, quest- ce que cet, by Stevie Stable Haston.

 Tower of Power, high quality routes about to get upgraded bolts! Here we have Dustine enjoying his first 6a+.

I have been introducing, or helping people enjoy their climbing recently, and it's rewarding. To see people progress, or simple enjoy is a great feeling, I am a fairly selfish person, but occasionally my nice side pokes out.
The Malta Climbing Club have come to my aid, and will help me improve the state of some bolts on the Tower of Power boulder, thanks guys! Gozo has been full up with climbers over the Xmass holidays, over 50 people at Mgar Ix Xini for a few days now. Climbers need to spread out a little, but the bad or cold weather has kept them sheltering from the wind. And I need to to some easier routes for people, 5s and 6s, but hey guys I need help. And some of the climbers need to visit the easier routes on the sea cliffs, learn to abseil, and learn to be competent please.   

 We are a welcoming people, but we can't spell Psycho..

A few people have donated for better bolts recently, thanks guys, every little helps. 

Acid test… remember to not trust blindly in situ gear or bolts, visual test minimum…no guarantee but better than nothing.

Remember if you see any bad bolts, or have comments, or spare dosh send it my way, my Xmass in the clinic is nearly over, and will be putting up a few routes next week.