I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Sunday, 25 December 2016

A year coming up, by Stevie up Haston.

Funny weather this year, a lot of wind, do you think they would tell you if things were going to get really bad. Probably not. They would want your money in the bank while they made money from it, instead of you enjoying it.

Weather is a bit too weathery.

Happy whatever you want to call today, hope you have peace, and don't have to dodge bombs or sleep out rough and then get fined for the privilege!

 Old men climbing. Or were they young men who looked old because of mountains.

My life in the mountains seems far away, I will be going to the Winter show and rubbing shoulders with ice wielding folk and skiers and sliders of all description hopefully I'l get inspired or get some money to do something.

 what can you say about flowers and their mysterious powers.

The flowers are out here, it's truly beautiful, but I do wish to see those spears of granite piercing the sky. The Baltoro glacier has not had the grace of my presence, one day! 
 about to get super silent, no wiffi…

Silence under the water is a rediscovered magic, when you don't have it its like the loss of a lover. The mountains are like that, a bit more cold and physical. The sea is easier to understand in a spiritual way. The sea and the mountains have always been my gods.

 discovering new cliffs

Hope fully I will do lots of new routes, in the next year a modest target of 100 should do it!

re reading these is worth the journey… books like these aren't that common.

These two books are total magic, the first cemented the connection between poetry and mountains for me, the second shows the cost. How they escape more wide spread approval or a bigger audience is beyond me. The latter book is about K2, which of course is really the prise, its never been Everest, its always been K2, and you can clearly see the none sense of human recordings or scribble when you notice its still all about Everest. Julie Tullis and Alan Rouse died on K2, both people I liked and admired, others died too, a story and a half. They weren't commercial cannon fodderr as on Everest, they were romantic pilgrims.