I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Friday, 16 December 2016

Words have to mean something by Stevie dyslexic Haston.

Shadows climbing on the wall…life is a stage but more so the political one -staring lying toe rags.

Spent an interesting day with a pleasant photographer, its not clement weather and Iam tired of climbing and swimming and a bit of training, also tired of the infernal nonsense that is the main stream media at the moment. My first contact with Journalists was when they broke into my flat in London and nicked photos when I did the Eiger Nordwand. It didn't matter that the only photos they could get were ones of me soloing on Gritstone in a pair of tight and a skimpy girls vest! The caption read Stevie Haston on Eiger or chirpy cockney or some such bollards. Naturally everybody thought no wonder he got frostbite! 

Sector Titan with Mt Titan bolts Martin a year ago…nice memories.

Revisited sector Titan were I had a very pleasant time placing Titanium protection last year, great routes hardest 8a, but the 7a is also world class and the eponymous Titan aint bad.

Old traditional fishing off the Gozo cliffs.

My island isn't much in the great scheme of things but we have had 6a climbing a thousand years before the UK, and if a journalist wants me to offer proof, I want proof that they know the difference between editor, and boss, as words first.

For Solly hope you had a good time climbing and swimming with me…

I had a lovely few days trying to improve a guy called Solly, not in a moral way, more of a you got it in there anyway kinda way. It worked he fought his way up Vampire Lats a tough severely overhanging lat puller, and a bit of a nappy filler. 

 garbage collecting from one of the best dives in the world, this stuff can kill free divers!

Swimming and diving is fun but not when your hooked up. Hunters above the sea and hunters or fishermen leaving their nets and lines below-not nice my precious, not nice at all.

Big old  film camera by a guy who knows what he is doing, subject knows how to keep his hands in his pockets.
The year will be soon over and my bigger one will start, 6 months training then a full years climbing and diving. Got to make some money some how to finance it. Especialy as America now officially does not believe in Global Warming!