I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

The Immaculate Conception, by Stevie Immaculate Haston.

 It's the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Our Sacred Lady Mary, so the fire works are going bang, bang, and the chemicals are slowly drifting down onto the non organic vegetables.

 If you are not climbing with good gear you are not immaculate!

I love it when politicians bang on about how religious they are, its like a religious competition, at the moment with our true, and completely untrustworthy leaders, they are spoken to at an almost unprecedented rate.

 two great climbers behind me here, winners at comps, even I have won lots of money at comps, but on the god comp thing, Nader, nix, nil, no god for me.

There have been various cons, and conspiracies committed on people over the millennium, but the Immaculate Conception seems the best to me. It's probably a favourite of mine, with Ganesh the friendly Elephant, and Varsuki par bat, actually the latter, Iave forgotten what the attached miracle was!

 my nose is so sharp it can cast a divine shadow!

In my flat I am thinking of celebrating Pussy Riot instead of the Imaculate con Ception, because of all the pro Putin stuff even I put out! When Putin starts to look good in the world of Politics you must seriously re-calibrate what you think of your own country.  Remember please that our countries are going backwards as to what civil liberties mean.

 Malta has just out lawed the practise of persuading gays that they shouldn't be gay by punishing means. How is it in your Country, and why did it take until now to do this?

a headless climber, a new breed of politically ignorant compliant citizenship, the brotherhood of fools.

Climbing is a great sport and sometimes broadens the mind but today, climbing can narrow ones focus till you have your head in the sand. Climbing was about freedom, today its as much a commodity, or an expensive accoutrement as Gucci.