I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Pagan greeting, from Stevie Haston.

 green bananas!

It's the Winter Solstice Celebration, for me, but not necessarily for you the most important day of the Winter. It's good news for all those people affected by seasonal affected disorder, or the winter blues. Everyday gets longer instead of shorter. More climbing time.

 Flowers and climbing shows.

More flowers will come, we have some already, we are lucky we don't ever really run out. Alas we never have snow but Chamonix and Courmayeur have reasonable skiing already, and there's some ice, especially in America. Good luck, stay safe.

 Mellow but early sunsets.

I was in the sea this morning, it wasn't really cold with a 3.5 mm wet suit, but for me it's Baltic. You might know I climb the cliffs above the sea, but I can glide down 20 meters in 15 secs with or with out my arms. I do love this extension of my cliffs, the architecture is some how gilded but the colours more muted under the surface and their are a thousand blues and greens to make up for all the snow that I miss.

 Patrick on the Fisherman's route.

The bad weather is past, it never lasts long here, and in dire need a quick wet abseil will lead me to the Underworld and its crazy routes.

Play Misty Blue for me Baby!

This coming year is hopefully gonna be a full one for me. Hope its good for everybody, alas it won't be, but I will make an extra effort to be kind with the stupid, with the repeatedly stupid Odins axe has been sharpened-family tradition and all that.