I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Presents my precious, by Stevie the Hobbit Haston.

 some of my routes getting washed

Its that time of year when Father Xmass, Black Friday, and credit cards get  confused, Blackxmassno credit etc, or something.
I was climbing on warn out shoes, holes in them, waiting for a supply from my friendly Mountain Boot Company, some shoes to tide me over, yeeesss Xmass arrived just on time-early.

 the gift of ROCK, we  will rock you into that gentle night…

Why wait for Xmass? Have it when you want, when you can, can you imagine dying on Xmass eve, and those presents being there, wrapped up and left unused!

 A respectful message to Buckingham Palace and 10 downing street, its in the post, my present to you.

The god of the Jews, the god of Muslims, the god of the Christians is the same one, it's just the wrapping thats different.

 Stix boots from Scarpa UK, a well named product, 3mm sticky rubber that allows you a sensitivity that is unparralled sounds like a something else advert!

I am getting ready to face my 60th year, I will harp on about it no end, you will get bored, but I won't. I will get fit, I'll be active, I will have a productive enjoyable year, I will not wait, I will not waste, one life and you can improve it, you just need to try hard. Good food, good sleep, hard exersise, and a few nice rewards for being true to your self, and not turning in to a bloated TV watching, couch munching excuse.
Girl friend got a tailor made wet suit and a pr of Scarpa Dragos, it's cold today, but into the sea she must go, saysYoda.

I did 10 sets of pull ups before not eating my breakfast, how's that? I'am not boasting, I'am being funny ok. I will go swimming, and diving, and celebrate my own gods today, the gods of being healthy, of seeing untrammelled things. Breakfast is postponed till after swimming, then I will eat cake sent by Her Royal majesty "lucky sperm inheritor of purloined shiny hat", who begs off the UKs poor, to do up her dolls House. Happy pre Xmass to all those Royals in the world, from Bonny Prince Stevie.