I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Climbing, fun and success, by Stevie Haston.

 a little light soloing…

The weather for the sunniest island in Europe was a bit grey, but hey, I climbed and swam when I wanted.  Ben a young writer and climber came over to do a piece for a swanky magazine, we hit it off and I took him too the Underworld cliff. Peoples reaction to the Underworld can be a bit mixed as its an imposing place but I thought Ben would like it. I was wrong he loved it.

 Medlar is in flower, nice..

Ben over lapped with Solly, who came over for a quick few days to check out his climbing, and for me to give him some tips, and training. First place I took Solly, was the Underworld as he had done stuff like the Cassin on the Tre Cima, he lapped it up just like Ben. 

 Me and Solly at the white Tower, foot work intensive day, he is still smiling.

Solly and I share a lot of things so there wasn't even an adjustment phase, both the sons of immigrants! Today I was very tired, but my mission was to some how trick Solly into climbing like I knew he could! Well I did it, or he did it, don't know how to put it. A stiff burly 7b went down to my Solly, it's called Vampire Lats and is a 5 star classic. Big holds, scary steepness, and some blind and improbable climbing, partly over the sea make for one of those special moments in time.

sorry about the photo, Id just dropped the camera in a puddle of decaying jelly fish.

Tomorrow Solly and I will swim, before he goes back to his day job as a London Fireman. Thanks for your service to Gotham City, and see you next time.